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Even if you’re not a person who is a fan of “Avatar: The Legend of Korra” animated show, you have probably heard that it’s main heroinr Korra is… well, she is more into girls in a way. Are they naive and has never been with a guy like him before? Mako is asking the same question and tonight, he’ll be able to make a move on Korra.

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[Polyle] Caged with a Ghost (The Vet of Korra)

You’ll be pleased to find out that Korra is thrown into a fight box again in the course of her adventures. However, if you’re a huge hentai parody lover and you are a fan of hentai parody, the outcome isn’t likely to surprise you. Yes the motto of this steel dome could be “more fighting and more Fucking!” Will Korra be able to stand up to this challenge?

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Under my thumb

If you’ve ever thought that Korra has tough relations with Jinora then… when you read this comics you will udnerstand that you’ve been right! The comic isn’t simply a parody comic but an imitation of the Hentai comics. It will allow you to enjoy the most harrowing and gruelling moments and all the tiny specifics. There’s plenty of lesbian content ahead!

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online porn game

This short and speechless story has one simple objective and that is to uncover a nefarious side of our favourite avatar Korra her dominant furtanari side! Who can do it better than petite yet quite hot chick with beautiful Tits and a tight mussy who’ll stay until the end and master all the powerthat Korra’s futacock has to offer? Watch them have an amazing time of kinky fun!

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[Deesky] Dreaming

Having Korra just barely dressed and tied up in the bed is most likely the wet dream of any male character from the “Avatar: The Legend of Korra” cartoon series… and somehow, one of them has managed to make this crazy idea to become true! Or is he making it all up? You can look up the comcis and watch sexy scenes. Full color, English version in the language of your choice.

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Korra – Shaft Bender

Even though Korra is an experienced and tough avatar, she may prefer being a sub-character than the main role. But this aspect of Korra’s character will come to light sooner or later due to some horny guard who’s always dreamed about fucking a sexy character such as Korra into each and every of her sexually agressive fuckholes.

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